Arianne and Adrianna’s Pitch Wars 2018 Wish List

Hey there, all you awesome MG writers! Welcome to this year’s Pitch Wars mentor blog hop.

Team Fireworks!

Why the name Team Fireworks?

We’re looking for stories that surprise us, are fast-paced, and pack a punch! We promise we won’t set your manuscript on fire and blow it up…


Who is Team Fireworks?

Arianne Costner

fam pic

Arianne is a past English teacher from Arizona. Other than writing, she enjoys playing and composing music, chasing around her two toddlers, and attempting to be a minimalist (still working on it.) She is an INFJ Huffleclaw who loves helping others bring out the best in their writing.

Adrianna Cuevas

family photo

Adrianna is a former Spanish/ESL teacher living in Austin, Texas. Her 10-year-old son is her biggest writing inspiration and her excuse to make fart jokes every day. She loves cooking Cuban food and has a hard time not talking about pastelitos in every one of her manuscripts. When not writing, she practices fencing with her son, binge-watches The Office for the millionth time, and crochets blankets and scarves that are completely inappropriate for Texas weather. A true introvert, she makes jokes and laughs awkwardly when she’s uncomfortable, which means she’s an absolute dream at serious meetings and funerals.

We are both middle grade writers represented by agents we found outside the Pitch Wars experience. Arianne found hers through traditional querying and Adrianna found hers through an in-person pitch at an SCBWI conference. Arianne has a soon-to-be announced book deal for her debut and Adrianna will be going on sub with her debut soon.

high five

So what is Team Fireworks looking for in a mentee?

We’re looking for someone willing to take a step back and analyze the overall structure of their plot and character arcs. You will need to have enough emotional distance from your story that you won’t be afraid to make changes, big and small. We’re looking for an author who understands the heart of their story and can decide for themselves if the changes we suggest help them write the book they know they need to write.

Most of all, we’re looking for an author who wants to have fun! Pitch Wars can be a stressful experience. So if you need someone to keep you grounded, to help you look at the big picture, and to make you laugh… we’re your team! We hope to be there for you even after Pitch Wars to support you through the querying/publication process as much as we can.


And finally, what is Team Fireworks looking for in a manuscript?


Wait… that can’t be right. We do want humor, but…


Well, we do want fast-paced, but that may be a little extreme…

Let’s try this–

Team Fireworks (4).png

Team Fireworks (1)


We can’t wait to read all your wonderful submissions! And congratulations on having a manuscript to submit! That’s a BIG DEAL! Good luck!























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