Thanks for visiting! I’m Arianne Costner, a Middle Grade author who focuses on contemporary humor (at least for now!). Much of my writing inspiration comes from my past experience teaching 7th grade English. I fell in love with the middle grade crowd and hope to return to teaching one day.

I’ve always loved crafting words and playing with stories in my head, but it wasn’t until college that I began to seriously study writing craft. I took a Creative Writing course and loved it so much I took it again the next year! I joined a writing group and began cranking out some horrific firsts drafts. Through the advice of my groupmates, I was able to pinpoint some of my flaws and improve.

On this website, I plan to blog occasionally about the writing process and tips that have helped me become a better writer.

I love connecting with other writers! I have made many wonderful friends in the writing community and have found some great Critique Partners through Facebook groups and Twitter. Let’s connect on Twitter! I occasionally tweet about my writing process and #mglit @ariannecostner

On Instagram, I post funny video memes just for writers @writingvemes